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71,110 housing units by 2024 for low income earners

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The government is planning to complete 136 Urban Development plans by the end of 2024 in addition to the already completed 21 and almost completed 52 Urban Development plans, said Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said further that the 117 towns have been selected under the Siyak Nagara program to develop the stagnated towns and it is already planned to develop another 100 towns under this program during 2022. He added that in order to reduce the traffic congestion in the towns 12 vehicle parks have been planned to develop.

He also said that 71,110 housing units are to be constructed by 2024 as one in each 14,022 Grama Seva Niladhari Divisions every year to address the rural low income earners. He added that in addition three housing projects have been initiated under the Siyapatha Maha Nivasa (Siyapatha Flats) to provide 100 housing units to each electorate. He added that 6000 housing units are to be constructed to house the IDPs. He also added that construction of 4000 housing units have been already completed with the Indian funds to enhance the living standards of the Estate Sector employees.

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