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Monday, April 22, 2024

All Kandy Police Officers transferred

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The Kandy Division Senior Superintendent of Police has decided to transfer all officers at the Kandy police headquarters to other police stations with immediate effect, except for the officer in charge of Miscellaneous Complaints Division and two sergeants involved in courts related affairs.

This decision has been taken based on the complaints that the desired public service is not being effectively delivered by the Miscellaneous Complaints Division at Kandy police.

The current Officer-in-Charge of Miscellaneous Complaints Division has recently joined the division and considering that, he has not been included in the transferred list of officers.

A police inspector and five sub-inspectors are among the nearly 40 transferred officers.

Since the transfer of the two officers involved in judicial affairs will interfere with the work, both of them have been temporarily assigned to work in the Miscellaneous Complaints Division.

Kandy Senior Superintendent of Police Chamil Ratnayake said that the primary function of the police department is public service and the transfers were made to streamline the services offered by the Miscellaneous Complaints Division and make it more productive.

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