An unexpected marriage proposal took place at the World Athletics Championship following the 35km race walk.


The path to a marriage proposal can often be lengthy and full of twists. For two Slovakian athletes, that journey spanned exactly 35 kilometers.

Both Dominik Černý and Hana Burzalova were in Budapest, Hungary, representing their country in the race walking events for men and women at the World Athletics Championships.

On Thursday, the two races occurred simultaneously. Černý completed the men’s race in 19th place with a personal-best time of 2:32:56, around eight minutes behind the gold medalist Álvaro Martín.

Yet, Černý had a different kind of golden moment in mind.

When Burzalova later crossed the finish line, securing 28th place in the women’s race with her season-best time of 3:02:47, she was taken aback to discover Černý on one knee, holding a ring, presenting a heartfelt proposal.

Exhausted and astonished, Burzalova answered with a yes, though she paused briefly to stop the timer on her watch. With a triumphant fist pump to the sky, Černý celebrated, slipping the ring onto the finger of the 22-year-old.

To commemorate the occasion, the recently engaged couple sealed the moment with a kiss, raising an arm in jubilation. Notably, Černý then physically swept his fiancée off her feet.

Subsequently, the couple posed for photographs, with Burzalova beaming as she proudly showcased her new ring to the camera.

While their race walking performances may not have garnered any medals, both Černý and Burzalova will return home with a far more poignant memory.