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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Balance of the COVID–19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund to be used for vaccination

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A decision has been taken to use the balance Rs.1,360,922,969.64 of the COVID–19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund for vaccination, the President’s Media Division stated.

The President’s Media stated that the total amount credited to the fund was Rs. 1,752,402,793.24. The amount spent so far is Rs.391,479,824.00. It is 23% of the total amount collected.

The remaining amount is very low when compared to the amount the Government is expected to spend on vaccinations.

But the management of the Fund’s Board has pointed out the importance of using the Fund’s balance for vaccination.

A large number of people, several local institutions and a group of Sri Lankans living abroad donated money to the Itukama COVID-19 Fund. International financial institutions or organizations have not contributed to the COVID-19 Fund.

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