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Budget 2022, an empty document, country in peril – Dr. Harsha de Silva

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The main issues in the country have not been addressed in the Budget proposals for Financial Year 2022, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Dr. Harsha de Silva said on Saturday.

Commencing the Budget debate on behalf of the Opposition, the SJB MP said Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa was blaming everything on the pandemic, but the fertilizer issues faced by the farmers and price hikes of essential goods were not related to the pandemic but were resultant of the imprudent policy decisions of the Government.

He said the Budget speech was nothing but an empty document. He said further that it clearly exhibited the failure of the Medamulana generation.

He said further that the Finance Minister presented much data in the appropriation bill which we cannot trust as they had done gimmicks with data even earlier. He added that the budget deficit presented in last year’s Budget proposal contradicted with what the Auditor General had in his report.

MP Silva said further that this government has misled the people. He added that they promised to bring about prosperity to people. He also added that they promised to defeat poverty like they defeated the ruthless LTTE terrorism from the country which lasted for nearly three decades.

“Hence 6.9 million people voted for them,” MP Harsha de Silva said.”Even the Sri Lankans working abroad came to vote for him. Then he said that he needed a Two Thirds majority in Parliament and the people gave that to him. Then he said he needed his elder brother as the Prime Minister and another as the Finance Minister and those were fulfilled. But now they say it is impossible and put the blame upon the Opposition for not extending support to the government.”

He said further that the production economy pledged to the people in the budget proposal are mere words and will drive the economy further downward. He said that he predicted last year that the outcome of the previous year’s Budget proposal was something that we experience today. This government has no plan nor policy nor mechanism to drive the country forward. He added the Gazzetes are published and then reversed.

He said as the government had no scientific approach to the pandemic issue where over 13,287 people died. The government listened to myth and not to science.

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