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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Cargills initiates the first ever end-use to non-recyclable plastic car park in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka generates close to 7000 metric tonnes of solid waste on a daily basis. Out of this, 6% belong to the category of plastic and polythene. To help combat this growing menace in the country, Cargills took a step towards sustainability with the commencement of paving its car parks with Plastic Modified Asphalt Concrete (PMAC) – a green alternative to traditional asphalt by AGC Innovate

This initiative took off at Cargills’ newest FoodCity outlet in Walgama, Matara. The newly constructed car park measures 2100 square meters, utilising 800kg of waste plastic in the process. This amounts to 200,000 plastic bags that would otherwise find its way to dumpsites and waterbodies in the country.

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