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Ceypetco station owners can make payments until 10 a.m. – Ministry Secretary

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Secretary of the Ministry of Power and Energy M.P.D.U. Mapapathirana said yesterday that Ceypetco filling station owners have been given the opportunity to make payment until 10 a.m. for ordering fuel.

He also said that those filling stations have the opportunity to order fuel online as well.

The Secretary stated this when inquired about the allegations levelled by the Petrol Station Owners Association regarding the new fuel order system introduced by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Earlier, filling stations were given the opportunity to pay by cheque, but as it took many days for them to be cashed, the Secretary said that ordering fuel by paying cash was introduced.

Mapapathirana further said that since the Government needs money to import fuel, they receive money from fuel station owners through direct deposits.

“The cheques related to the fuel order used to be sent to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation before with the fuel delivering bowser earlier. But it takes many days to deposit the cheques in the bank and cash it, so the owners of the fuel stations were given the opportunity to order their daily fuel purchases through a bank deposit or online,” he added. Vice President of the Filling Station Owners Association Kusum Rajapakse meanwhile said the IOC filling station owners have been given the opportunity to make their payments for purchases the following day after receiving fuel.

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