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CTU requests allowance for teachers’ attire if dress code made compulsory

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Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) stresses that if a specific dress code for teachers is made mandatory through a circular, they should be provided with an allowance.

The General Secretary of the CTU, Joseph Stalin stated that the government is trying to arbitrarily change the circular that has been issued for the public sector employees to report to work in comfortable attire.

If public employees are not allowed to use the opportunity to attend work in comfortable attire, then it should become a decision common to all, Stalin emphasized, adding that if arbitrary changes are made without a proper method, they will definitely seek legal action.

“Obviously, there is no problem at present with wearing a saree. There will be no problem in the future too,” he added.

Further, he pointed out that if there is any kind of coercion, the teachers will have to be given a uniform allowance.

“Teachers wearing the saree willingly is not a problem. But if it is made mandatory, we will definitely seek an allowance.”

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