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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Do not undermine public trust by giving undue publicity to side effects that seldom appear as a result of vaccination process – Minister Pavithra

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The Minister of Health, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, assured that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccination process has not been suspended and that the second jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be given from 1st of May onwards for those who received the first dose.

The Health Minister said this at the Parliament.

Minister Wanniarachchi pinpointed that giving undue publicity to allergic conditions that seldom appear due to the vaccination undermines the public trust regarding the vaccination process carried out in the country.

She further asserted that the government has implemented a proper plan to conduct the vaccination process and a special hotline – 0113415985 has been introduced to inform any discomfort or side-effects upon receiving the vaccine.

In addition, a special unit with specialist doctors has also been set up at the Colombo National Hospital for any individual who suffers from any side-effects after receiving the vaccine to seek medical consultation.

Moreover, the Health Minister further stated that there is no discrepancy between the information released by the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health and the data released from laboratory tests.

Official information issued by the Epidemiology Unit is the official information of the Ministry of Health and is released to the media through the Department of Government Information. The Minister emphasized that these activities are being carried out efficiently and within a short period of time.

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