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Monday, March 27, 2023

Education Minister speaks on possible delay of O/L exam

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Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha says if 2022 (2023) G.C.E. Advanced Level examination’s paper marking activities are delayed, the 2022 G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination is most likely to be postponed further.

Speaking to the media following an event held in Colombo, Minister Premajayantha stated that the Department of Examinations requires at least a three-month interval between the two examinations.

“If the paper marking [of A/L exam] continues to be put off, releasing the results will also be delayed further, causing a similar possible delay in holding the G.C.E. O/L examination”, he said.

In response to a question raised by a journalist whether it is possible to revise the dates on which the O/L examination is currently scheduled to be held in May, the Minister explained that the exam is most likely to be postponed if the G.C.E A/L examination answer sheet evaluation activities are delayed.

The minister, who pointed out that the relevant evaluation activities have already been delayed by two weeks, also emphasized that the Education Ministry is taking measures to resolve the issues of the university lecturers and the teachers as soon as possible.

“The major issue was the new tax policy. We, the Education Ministry can encourage the Treasury regarding the matter. We have already done it.”

In addition, the allowance for the university lecturers who are engaging in the answer sheets evaluation activities has been doubled, the minister said, highlighting that the Cabinet approval has also been received for this purpose.

“Nearly 19, 000 teachers are engaging in the process. We have also taken measures to increase their composite allowance by more than twofold”, he claimed.

“I hope that the university lecturers’ unions and the teachers’ trade unions will join hands in this matter for the sake of the students, to commence the answer sheet evaluation activities as soon as possible”, the minister added.

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