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Government to switch to shared cloud services platforms – TRCSL Director General

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TRCSL Director General Oshada Senanayake noted that the government would soon be switching to shared cloud services from 3rd party vendors as opposed to trying to develop their own cloud platforms. Senanayake also highlighted that there was no legal framework to protect undersea data cables.

Accordingly, the Lanka Government Cloud platform will be reformed to seek out the assistance of 3rd party vendors in delivering their solutions. Senanayake highlighted how ICTA which had previously tried to compete with service providers in the country would rather take more of a facilitation role in procuring services.

Senanayake was speaking on 3 November as the keynote speaker of the launch of Sri Lanka’s first carrier-neutral and high-density data centre at Orion City Park.

Senanayake highlighted that there was still difficulty in setting up basic shared services like common email address solutions for government employees. Senanayake criticized the self-hosted model and cited many developed nations that have pivoted to using cloud technology.

Senanayake noted that under the current legal framework there was no recourse to compensation for instance if a ship was to damage an undersea data cable.

New laws are to be presented shortly to rectify the lack of legal safeguards to vital communications infrastructure in the country. Senanayake noted that there were limited global pathways through which cabling through Sri Lanka would give the investors a strategic edge over the competition and these few pathways are being aggressively explored by the TRCSL. Senanayake promised a soft-touch regulatory environment going forward for the IT sector in the country. He highlighted the need for the government to cut red tape and help develop the sector. He regretted previous ventures by the government to try to undercut the private sector thereby retarding the development of IT services in the country.

Senanayake touted a digital-first strategy as the best way to exit the COVID-19 pandemic induced economic malaise. He said that the IT sector of Sri Lanka plans to expand into a US$ 3 billion industry and Data Centre services are to play a role in that growth.

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