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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

House must conduct probe into bankruptcy – Vajira Abeywardena

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UNP MP Vajira Abeywardena said yesterday (1) that the House should request a proper investigation into the bankruptcy of the country. He said the people should be told that the country was bankrupt without the Parliament’s knowledge.

Abeywardena said that a parliamentary selection committee should be appointed to investigate. Abeywardena made these observations joining the debate on the Interim Budget 2022.

MP Abeywardena also said that the country went to bankruptcy not because of the representatives of the parliament but by another group. He noted that it was done without the knowledge of the parliament and the House should not be blamed for that. He also said that neither the Finance Ministry nor the Central Bank has the power to bankrupt the country. When they did something they did not have the power to do, everyone remained silent and the representatives of the Parliament were the ones who were punished, he pointed out.

Abeywardena noted that according to the Constitution, there is no power given in the Constitution to take arbitrary decisions not to pay the foreign debt, and said that all the 225 people should be ashamed as the power of the parliament was misused. If the Ministry of Finance had reported the situation of the country to the Parliament earlier, the Parliament would have met and made a process to deal with the country without bankrupting it, he also added. Abeywardena pointed out that Parliament had given up financial control and handed it over to others, but by law, control over finance is with the House.

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