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Influencing the local education system, the right way

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Not everyone has the sufficient bank balance or funds to support us through a world class recognized education. While us Lankans are quite gifted in academics and sports, our chances of entering an ivy league university are most likely one to nil. Thanks to “The Black Board Project” initiation, the education game is about to change for the average Sri Lankan student.

Raees Ul Haqq, founder of “The Black Board Project” was a victim of not having access to proper and accurate information and guidance to apply and gain admission to these top global universities. With his long-lost dream being his driving motivation, he has made it his job to give the younger generation a fair chance at seeking a globally recognized education.

The mission of the project is working towards ensuring that students get the right information at the right time from the right people. “The Black Board Project” team is well equipped with the knowledge and experience in the various methods of submitting a successful application. In addition to their expertise in the matter, they also provide applicants to experience eventful webinars from students at the top universities in the world.

This brings us to the question, what are The Black Board Project’s target universities? To name a few:

University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of OXFORD, Imperial College, Yale University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UCL, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Princeton University, Brown University, Dartmouth and Colombia University.

To set things in motion, “The Black Board Project” hosted its launch on December 4 at the Shangri La Hotel, Colombo. This was done by partnering with students, who were back from their respective universities after having successfully completed the education they were set out on. This was also a learning curve for other students present to gain retrospect into the whole experience and understand the work that goes into building a promising career.

Alumni, Janeen Fernando (University of Cambridge, Gates Cambridge Scholar), Malki Wijeysekera (University of California, Berkley) and Thisara Niriella (Imperial College, London) were speakers at the event and shed light on different aspects of the educational journey yet to unfold for the new students.

Mr. Fernando spoke on the initial and most important phase of any education programme. The “getting in” chapter of a student’s university life.

Next, Ms. Wijeysekera spoke of how vital it is to have some assistance from a reliable source on research and publication including on other necessities such as housing and accommodation.

And finally, Mr. Niriella highlighted on the importance of local students upping their skills and knowledge in order to get in line with students of other countries who he claimed was way ahead of modules and the educational system as a whole.

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