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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

JVP calls for solidarity with Palestinian people

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The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) on Tuesday condemned the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people and the US led imperialist interventions in that region.

Issuing a press statement in Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the JVP requested all the progressive parties and organisations around the world to stand in solidarity with Palestine and voice up for free and sovereign Palestine.

“As it is the United Nations responsible to create an Israel within the Palestinian territory, we strongly urge United Nations to take immediate actions to stop the attacks against Palestine and to take serious steps to establish free and sovereign Palestine. We urge the peace loving people of Israel to demand from Israeli establishment to end its occupational policy on Palestine to have a safe and peaceful life in Israel. We urge the people of Palestine and Israel to be united to defeat the Imperialist projects operated on cost of their lives and future of their children,” the press statement read.

“We vehemently condemn the brutal Israeli attacks and provocations being continued on Palestinian people on the areas including Al-Aqsa Mosque, Gaza Strip and West Bank that have been escalated from Monday which also have extended to air raids and shelling. Hundreds of Palestinian people including children have been killed and more than thousand have been injured and several thousands of people are being displaced daily. Now these attacks have reached the second week and if the attacks continue these numbers will continue to escalate.

“It has been73 years from the Nakba took place and since then it has become regular for the Palestinian people to face barbaric attacks in their day today lives being refugees in their own homeland. All along Palestinian people are struggling to free their motherland against the barbaric attacks of Israel and USA led imperialists which violate the freedom, sovereignty and Human Rights of the Palestinian People. They have been sanctioned from rights, freedoms as well as welfare while having to face arbitrary imprisonments, arrests and torture. These attacks being continued by the Israeli forces are also jeopardizing the integrity and security of the Middle East as a region which will also cause the suffering of working people in both Palestine and Israel as well as in other Middle East countries. Despite the international calls and demands Israeli Prime Minister says that the offensive attacks will continue. Also the US President speaks of Israel’s right to defense while the world witnesses how offensive Israel has been for the past 73 years.

“For this crisis between Israel and Palestine a solution has been suggested with the responsibility of the United Nations in 1967 to establish two different sovereign States of Palestine and Israel admitting East Jerusalem as a territory of Palestine. This Two State solution with “1967 Borders” is still possible for solving this conflict establishing an independent state of Palestine alongside the State of Israel. Currently, this solution has been accepted by more than 140 countries and by the Vatican as well. Despite this, the crisis between Palestine and Israel has escalated so far due to Israeli government’s non adherence to this solution and also due to the instigations of conflicts by US led imperialists. Therefore, the Israeli government and US imperialist are accountable for the massive suffering and casualties caused on Palestinian people and suffering of Israeli people as well,” the press statement of the JVP said.

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