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Killing of Ven. Nedagamuwe Mahanama Thera: Novice monk arrested in Airport

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Police investigations have revealed that a couple and two others have been involved in the murder of Chief Incumbent of Sri Nandarama Temple in Weththewa, Ven. Nedagamuwe Mahanama Thera along with his 19-year-old novice monk.

Information has also been revealed that the couple involved in the murder are the parents of novice monk and they are residents of Heenatiyana. Extensive investigations have begun to arrest the couple who are in hiding with the arrest of the novice monk who is a student of the victim.

A senior officer said that this couple had brought two other persons who were also involved in the murder.

He said that it would be possible to identify these two persons after this couple is arrested.

The police have been able to reveal information about this couple and others involved in the murder with the arrest of Ven.Ekala Vijitha yesterday morning (15) when the latter arrived at Bandaranaike International Airport to flee to Dubai.Police have obtained a 48 hour detention order till September 17 to question the novice.

Police suspect the novice monk’s involvement in the murder as the novice had left the temple with two vehicles after the police found the body of Thera.

Police had alerted the airport security authorities about this monk until an order was obtained through court. Unaware of this,the monk in question had gone to the airport to board a flight bound for Dubai. He was arrested yesterday (15) on his 19th birthday by the Immigration and Emigration Department officials on duty at the airport.

During the long questioning, it was revealed that the suspect had planned to go to Dubai where his girl friend was working. He had arrived at the airport with everything ready to leave for Dubai. It has also been revealed that his girlfriend’s boss had supported him for the murder. It has also been revealed that they had planned to lead a normal lay life in Dubai. According to the investigation, the girlfriend of the suspect is working in Dubai with her boss.

Investigations have also revealed information that this Sri Lankan had persuaded the girlfriend’s parents to kill the Chief Incumbent Thera and take possession of his properties.

The suspect had told his girlfriend that the Viharadhipathi Thera is engaged in the business of selling vehicles and therefore he has a lot of money.

It is also said that while she was in this country as well as after she went to Dubai, the suspect has been in contact with her by phone. The Chief Incumbent Thera has also been aware of their affair. They have been planning to take his money and run away. A senior police officer mentioned that the suspect had been having disputes with the victim for this reason and the Seeduwa Police had received many complaints regarding the disputes between the two. It has been revealed that the killing of theThera has taken place on September 12.

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