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Sunday, January 29, 2023

LAUGFS Gas Ensures a Continuous Supply of LP Gas to All its Customers in the Country

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LAUGFS Gas, one of the largest LP Gas suppliers in Sri Lanka is currently operating at maximum capacity, filling and distributing its LP Gas cylinders island-wide to restore the current market supply. In the recent past, the market supply was challenged due to several macro-environmental factors.

By resolving most of the financial challenges created from the macroeconomic outset, LAUGFS Gas able secure adequate LC facilities to import LPG to the country. The LAUGFS Gas filling terminal and storage complex located in Hambantota port can store up to 30,000 metric tons of LP Gas and currently, sufficient stocks have been maintained for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumption. Further, there are few ships carrying LP Gas to reach local shores in the coming weeks.

LP Gas cylinders for domestic consumers as well as hotels and restaurants can now be purchased effortlessly through island-wide LAUGFS Gas dealers. The required stocks are issued daily from Mabima and Hambantota filling facilities to 31 distributors and re-distribution operations are resumed in all parts of the country by catering to over ten thousand dealers. Customers can visit their closest LAUGFS Gas dealer or inquire about stock available dealers by contacting LAUGFS customer care service by dialing 1345.

LAUGFS Gas has stated that LP Gas will be supplied in bulk to the factories of the industrial sector in this country without any hindrance and for upcoming year end, special delivery schedules have been operationalized to provide adequate stocks to all industrial facilities to boost up their productions.

LAUGFS Gas, a regionally recognized and trusted brand known for its LP Gas selling, distribution, and operations, will take necessary steps to ensure a continuous supply of gas stocks during the upcoming year-end festive season.

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