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Litro Chairman reveals mafia behind gas shortage

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Litro Gas Lanka Chairman Theshara Jayasinghe revealed that behind the severe gas shortage in the country is a foreign company which is supplying gas and several deceitful officials who are aiding and abetting them.

Jayasinghe expressed these views at a special media briefing held at the company’s main office auditorium at Union Place yesterday. The Board of Directors of the company was also present. Jayasinghe who said that a severe gas shortage was created in this country due to the strong impact made by this foreign company to get their two-year service agreement extended by

another two years. He said that the gas ship has come close by but they are not distributing gas, until their agreement is extended and threw us up against the wall. He said further that as a result, from October 28 to November 1 they did not have any stocks to produce even one gas cylinder. According to him, the severe shortage of gas was created because of this situation.

He said that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Central Bank Governor have intervened without being subject to the influence of the said company and made arrangements to get the ship containing gas released to enable Sri Lanka to receive gas stocks during the upcoming days. Jayasinghe said that accordingly, the gas shortage which existed for several days can be eased in the upcoming seven days.

The foreign company supplying gas to this country, had obtained a contract to do so from 28 February 28,2020 to February 28, 2022 and they are making people suffer while trying to influence in getting their agreement extended for a another two years. A deceitful mafia is working behind this and while there are other alternative possibilities to obtain gas at a lesser cost, giving the opportunity to this particular company once again means there is a massive financial fraud taking place. A fraud of about around Rs. 10 billion is occurring and action is being taken under the guidance and instructions of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to break this gas monopoly and steps will be taken to half these deceitful transactions, Jayasinghe emphasized.He alleged that there is a class of officials who are behind this and said that arrangements are being made by the Board of Directors of Litro Gas Company, to buy gas from elsewhere at a lesser cost to overcome the prevailing gas shortage. He also said that up to now, his company had produced about 85,000 gas cylinders daily.

The daily requirement of gas cylinders in this country is about 75,000.The media was avoided up to now with the intention of revealing to the people the true situation that exists. “Everything

was revealed to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on his return from his overseas visit and these facts are being revealed now,” he said.

Jayasinghe said further that parties and colours are not relevant to the racketeering mafia thieves’ circle and that they are one group which is the reality and has to be accepted.

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