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Friday, March 24, 2023

Muslim Council of Sri Lanka to challenge the March 12 gazette notification on de-radicalization

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The Sri Lanka Muslim Council has drawn the attention of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka’s (BASL) to the Gazette notification of March 12,regarding de-radicalizaion, which will enable arbitrary arrest and detention.

In a letter addressed to the new president of the BASL,Saliya Peires, the Council’s Vice President Hilmy Ahamed said :” It lacks  judicial supervision over the basis for detaining person within ‘reintegration centers’ and the complete ouster of the opportunity for persons affected by this Gazette to have legal representations made on their behalf to address and/or challenge the decision prior to or at the time of being placed in such detention.”

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka convened a meeting on 4th April 2021 of Muslim organizations, prominent Muslim citizens and civil activists and reached a consensus on the way forward. There was a unanimous decision to challenge this gazette in court and lobby with the Bar Association, legal experts and civil society to oppose this draconian legislative endeavor.

“While there are some who argue that this endeavor is to fast track the release of the 200+ Muslims who have been detained without charges since 21/4/2019, there is the fear that thousands could be incarcerated without a judicial process. Minorities, civil activist, media personal and one who does not subscribe to the government views could be targeted to stifle any deception,” he concluded.

(Colombo Times)

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