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NATA urges price formula on cigarettes

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The National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) recently said that a price formula on cigarettes should be immediately brought to wipe out these two fragments for the sake of future generation in the country.

NATA Chairman Samadhi Rajapaksa said that at least the forthcoming Budget should increase the prices of cigarettes by Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 and thereafter the price formula on cigarettes should be continued every year.

Chairman Rajapaksa further said that around six Sri Lankans die every day due to smoking and 23,000 Sri Lankans reportedly die every year due to tobacco smoking. He said that he wanted to bring this price formula to discourage Sri Lankans to smoke tobacco and reduce the death rate.

Chairman Rajapaksa said that he has received information that the tobacco company is taking all possible measures to stop implementing such a price formula on cigarettes. He also said it is sad to see people are in queues without maintaining any health guide lines to buy liquor these days.

Chairman Rajapaksa also said that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking lose the immunity of users.

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