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Monday, May 27, 2024

National Environment Council appointed

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The Members of the National Environment Council appointed by the Ministry of Environment for Environmental Protection were appointed. The National Environment Council consists of 25 members.

Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Environment presented letters of appointment to the members appointed to the National Environmental Council at the Central Environmental Authority. The 14th Session of the National Environmental Council was also held. Minister Mahinda Amaraweera took action.

Meanwhile, The Minister of Environment has appointed Adivasi leader Uruwarige Wanniyaleththo appointed as a new member of the Environmental Council. Also, Environmentalist Attorney at Law Mr. Jagath Gunawardena was appointed as the Chairman of the National Environmental Council.

Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Chairman of the Central Environmental Authority Amarasinghe, Director General Hemantha Jayasinghe were also present.

The Minister said that the protection of the environment could not be done by the government or the Ministry of Environment alone and that the support of environmental experts as well as the public was essential.

He also said that the Marine Environment Protection Authority has confirmed that a large amount of polythene and plastic is being dumped into the sea across rivers and streams due to the recent heavy rains. According to its reports, about 250,000 tons of polythene and plastic have been dumped into the ocean due to the rains, but the Minister said that an accurate investigation should be carried out regarding those figures.

However, the Minister also requested the newly appointed members of the National Environment Council to submit new ideas and proposals to the Ministry of Environment to minimize environmental damage.

Ministry Secretary Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Adiwasi Leader Uruwarige Wanniyaleththo also address the audience.

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