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New laws mooted to make both COVID-19 vaccines mandatory

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Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that new laws will be introduced soon to make it mandatory to obtain both vaccines to prevent COVID-19.

He was speaking to the media after participating in a road development programme in the Hataraliyadda area yesterday (08).

New laws are being drafted to make it compulsory to have two vaccines to prevent Covid-19. Those who need it can obtain a card that certifies that the individual has received both doses of the vaccine. An App has been created for this purpose. That task can be done through this App. In future, this card will be required for every task “In the face of the COVID pandemic, the whole world is now pursuing a different policy and implementing a procedure to open the country on a formal healthcare programme. What is happening now is that we are adapting to the same system. We have to focus special attention on the economy of the country,” he said.

The Miniser said that even though government employees are receiving a certain allowance from the government, the general public are suffering as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have to implement some programme on their behalf. However, it is mandatory for every citizen to receive both vaccines provided by the government to prevent this disease.

A special discussion in this regard will be held on December 9 in the afternoon by all sectors related to health. Here we hope to continue to discuss all the actions to be taken regarding the Omicron virus,” he said.

Decisions will also be taken on the tourism industry, airports and other relevant sectors. Our only aspiration is to keep the country open. There is a problem as of now regarding the woman who arrived in Sri Lanka while infected with Omicron. It is reported that she is someone who has not taken even one vaccination. This is a problematic situation. Required testing should be done and decisions in that regard should be made.

We do not intend imposing restrictions during the upcoming festive season. We believe that now there should be a limit to imposition of restrictions.

Our intention is to normalize everything including schooling, gradually. We will make arrangements to give the booster vaccine to everyone in this country. Even if the government makes a big effort, if the people are not supportive none of these things can be done.

The people of this country should realize the situation and act according to health recommendations it will be possible to overcome everything.

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