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No motorcades used by Presidential Secretariat officials – PMD

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The Presidential Secretariat refuted allegations made by MP Chandima Weerakkody about the use of vehicles at the Secretariat,made in Parliament last Friday 19.

A press release issued by the Presidential Secretariat said that the statement made by MP Chandima Weerakkody in Parliament on Friday (19) regarding the use of vehicles in the Presidential Secretariat was incorrect and was presented without any factual study.

Amidst many challenges, during the first two years of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s tenure, measures were taken to render an immense service to the public utilizing minimal resources. The total number of employees and vehicles attached to the Presidential Secretariat that contribute to fulfilling a broad task including all projects implemented across the country, is one-third (1/3) of the total number of employees and vehicles that were in service under the Yahapalana Government.

“It must be said with responsibility that following in the footsteps of the President, no official in the Presidential Secretariat uses motorcades. Also, many officers do not use the vehicle entitled to them and use the vehicles belonging to the vehicle pool for the relevant official purpose. Therefore, the Presidential Secretariat points out that it is very unfortunate that Chandima Weerakkody has come up with such erroneous information without proper study,” the release said.

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