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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Open bars, restaurants and shops 24 hours for tourists – State Minister Diana Gamage

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Tourism State Minister Diana Gamage said bars, hotels, restaurants and shops in the country should be kept open for 24 hours as a measure to promote tourism in the country.

By opening such tourist-attraction locations, the country’s economy could be expanded, Gamage observed.

“Sri Lanka should be made a nation which is ‘open’ all 24 hours a day. Tourism industry cannot be expanded if shops, restaurants and bars are closed by 10.30pm.We cannot make the tourists spend money, if we don’t have a night economy,” she said. State Minister Gamage noted that online facilities should be readily available for the tourists in order to provide an upgraded service to them. By introducing a system as such tourists will be able to easily book or make payments to purchase tickets to visit wildlife parks and other tourist destinations.

State Minister Gamage noted that the government is trying to create a conducive environment to attract more tourists to the country.

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