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Parliament, not monks, must make laws – Ruwan Wijewardene

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United National Party (UNP) Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene yesteday said that compiling laws as one country one law is the responsibility of the Parliament and not a task of a Commission.

Participating in a function for Deepavali held at the Sirikotha Party headquarters under the patronage of party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Tuesday 2, Wijewardene said during the past two years, much damage was done to the country’s environment. The country’s culture and religious diversity was largely subject to exploitation during the last two years for personal profit and gain, he said.

“Although President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and other world leaders discussed in Glasgow about climatic balance, the most damage to have affected our environment up to now took place during the past two years. According to reports of the Central Environmental Authority and other study reports the year 2020 was the year that the largest forest carnage took place. From January to December of last year, it has been estimated that about ten acres were destroyed daily. Accordingly, 2020 can be known as a year when dire destruction of the environment took place.Even 2021 was not that good. Due to the Express Pearl ship sinking, the seas around the country were polluted. It has not been possible to calculate the impact this had on environment and the damage that was caused upto now.

Similar to impact on the environment, the affects on culture and all religions doubts and divisions have arisen among people of the country. Politicians used religion and nationality to gain power. A Presidential Commission has been appointed to create “One country and one law”. This is a great example for such separatism. A monk who is condemned by the Muslims and one who publicly ridicules the judicial system has been appointed as its Chairman.By appointing such an individual as chairman of a Presidential Commission, it is clearly apparent

what the President’s agenda is. It is going against not only the judiciary but Muslims as well. By not appointing a Tamil national to the Commission, that race has been insulted and it means that the second largest race in the country has been ignored. Compiling laws as one country and one law is the responsibility of the Parliament. It is not something that belongs to a Presidential Commission. A true leader should unite under one flag, all nationalities.

That is what the leader of our party, the late D. S. Senanayake did. His objective was to get all races to join in ruling the country, Wijewardene said.

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