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Peradeniya University, NBRO map out landslide prone areas

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The Geology Department of the Peradeniya University and the National Building Research Organization (NBRO) has mapped out places at risk of landslides in eight districts using Drone technology and included them in the maps.

Peradeniya University’s Senior Professor Athula Senaratne said that at present areas at risk of earthslips occurring have been mapped out as places in a district and that attention should be focused on displaying these areas as small in extent as possible.

Prof.Senaratne speaking at a media briefing held at the Peradeniya University yesterday said that the relevant mapping has been done many years ago and these areas should be inspected using Drones and studied and look into whether there are new cracks that have appeared. He said that the districts which have been identified as at risk of landslides receive heavy rainfall annually and in many places in these areas have layers of soil deposited on the rocks. He also stressed that on an occasion when more than 100mm of rain is experienced, water seeps into the layer of soil breaks down the connection between the rocks and the soil which inevitably leads to landslides.

Prof.Senaratne urged the public to be sensitive to landslide warnings and act accordingly and said further that even if a warning is issued that there is a risk of landslides taking place during heavy rains and no one can say when they would occur.

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