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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Port City Bill contradicts One Country, One Law Concept – Opposition Leader

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The Colombo Port City Commission Bill contradicts the One Country, One Law Concept promoted by the present Government, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said.

Premadasa observed that the country and the Port City cannot have two legal systems.

Premadasa made these observations at an event held in Sellakataragama to distribute rice to 700 families, as a part of a programme to assist the needy who celebrate the Sinhala-Hindu New Year season during the pandemic.

Premadasa pointed out that the country needs a national leader like Nelson Mandela and Lee Kuan Yew, not a Hitler as some politicians have suggested.

The Opposition Leader observed that due to the pandemic situation, people find it difficult to celebrate the New Year as they are burdened by numerous economic hardships.

“We started a mobile service that looks into the economic difficulties of people due to pandemic. When we analyzed the Sellakataragama area, we could note that there are many who earn a living from self-employment. Plus, these employments were dominantly connected with the devotees who visit Kataragama. With the pandemic situation, people have not been able to continue with these businesses. So it is important that we assist them during this trying time,” Premadasa said.

The Opposition Leader said: “A minister has claimed that the country needs a leader who epitomizes Hitler. I strongly recommend people to go through Hitler’s history and understand the terror he caused. Do we need undemocratic politicians in this country? As a community can we deal with dictators who traumatize people? I saw Maha Sangha who blessed the election of this present Government has requested not to spread unethical opinions like this. We believe that we need a disciplined leader and a community that follows this quality. We need one law in one country. If we look at the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill, it seems to violate this very concept of one country, one law. If this bill is passed, we will get one law in the country and another in Port City. We need a disciplined society and a disciplined leader who capitalizes on humanity, not otherwise.”

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