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Monday, August 15, 2022

President assigns 87 institutions under him to Ministers

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A total of 87 institutions including Departments and Corporations have been assigned to the Cabinet Ministers that came under the purview of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

President Wickremesinghe is in charge of the Defence Ministry and the Finance, Economic Stabilisation and National Policies Ministry.

The relevant gazette Extraordinary No 2289/43 was issued on Friday, July 22.

Accordingly, 28 institutions including the Office of Chief of Defence Staff, Tri-Forces, State Intelligence Service, Rakna Arakshana Lanka Limited and National Defence Fund have been assigned to the Defence Ministry.

Fifty-nine institutions including the General Treasury, Department of National Budget, Inland Revenue Department, Sri Lanka Ports Authority and State Banks have been gazetted under the Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilisation and National Policies.

All Institutions that are not specifically assigned to any other Minister will continue to remain in the charge of the President. Currently, the President has temporarily taken over the Investment Promotion Ministry, Ports and Shipping Ministry, Child and Women Affairs Ministry and the Technology Ministry for which a minister is yet to be appointed.

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