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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Protect workers’ rights – Opposition Leader

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The working class is suffering extreme circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation while the Government is only pursuing its own political agendas, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa issuing a May Day message said yesterday (30). The message: “This time, the May Day comes at a time when the entire human race is in the midst of a catastrophe caused by the Coronavirus. The world has been suffering this pandemic for two years. It is difficult to find a time in the last century when the world economy has been so severely affected.

As a result, the working class has become increasingly vulnerable. Billions of people have lost their jobs and their daily lives are in complete disarray. In the midst of this catastrophe, we pay our respects to all the working class people who are working tirelessly for the survival of our motherland.”

“In this catastrophic moment, a critical situation has arisen in which people must help people by developing mutual friendship without abandoning each other. Even if the virus is defeated, the tragic conditions left by the virus will not be healed for a long time. The vast majority of the working people in our country are already facing serious employment problems. The entire working class community, including teachers, health, farmers, fisheries, estates, transportation, is facing severe hardship. It has lost the attention of the rulers also. Due to short-sighted economic management, a situation has arisen where local resources are being looted.”

Premadasa pointed out, “State repression has been unleashed against the opposition. All forces, including entrepreneurs, youth and businessmen, are frustrated before a Government that pursues personal agendas. We have the task of mobilizing the entire nation against this.

We will come forward unconditionally against the betrayal of the sovereignty, pride and prosperity of the motherland under the guise of the Corona catastrophe.”

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