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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Siridhamma Thera, Wasantha advocated terror and violence – Minister Tiran Alles

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Investigations have revealed that Aragalaya activists Ven. Galwewa Siridhamma Thera and Wasantha Mudalige advocated violence, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles said in Parliament yesterday (24). Citing Opposition Leader’s speech on Aragalaya activists, the Minister noted that there are two types of activists involved in the protests, one normal and other instigating terror and violence.

Minister Alles said as per the investigations Ven.Galwewa Siridhamma Thera and Wasantha Mudalige fall in to the category of Aragalaya activists that instigate terror and spread violence.

Minister Alles noted that there would be more revelations done regarding forces that funded the ‘Aragalaya’ while supporting the groups led by the said two activists.

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