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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

SLMC MP Naseer Ahamed claims COVID victims weren’t cremated

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Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) MP Naseer Ahamed says that although many in SLMC said that 334 out of 497 bodies of COVID-19 victims were cremated, it was a false statement.

He claims that the bodies were not cremated and only the coffins were cremated.

“Many people – both inside and outside – the Parliament said that 334 out of 497 COVID-19 [victims’] bodies. That is a false statement. 181 bodies were cremated, that is, 181 coffins were cremated. I will stop at that. We have evidence for this. There are many secrets within this.

The reason for saying that is that the government helped us a lot. They understood our things, and we understood their things. Therefore, we did many things.”

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