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‘The Newspaper’ bags ‘Best Actor’ Award at Russia’s Kazan Film Festival

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The award-winning film “The Newspaper” will enter history as one of the most significant creations in the Sri Lankan cinema industry,” Transport, Highways and Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said yesterday. Making a significant milestone in the Sri Lankan film industry, actors Sarath Kothalawala and Kumara Thirimadura, who played the lead roles in the film ‘The Newspaper’, represented Sri Lanka, won the joint ‘Best Actor award’ in the competition section of the 18th Kazan International Film Festival, one of the world’s leading film festivals held recently in Russia.

Among the hundreds of films presented by many of the world’s leading countries, it is notable that this award was won for the two main characters of the film ‘The Newspaper’.

Previously, the film was awarded as the second best film in Asia at the Bangalore International Film Festival, and ‘The Newspaper’ has won eight awards at many international film festivals held so far.

Minister Dr.Gunawardena, the producer of the movie ‘The Newspaper’, who participated in the closing ceremony of the award ceremony held in Russia on the invitation of the organizing committee of the Kazan International Film Festival, received the “Best Actor” award on behalf of actors Sarath Kothalawala and Kumara Thirimadura.

Minister Bandula Gunawardena, who returned to the country yesterday with the award, was welcomed by a group of officials including co-producers and actors of the film at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Actors Kumara Thirimadura and Sarath Kothalawala, who wrote the screenplay of the film and directed it by playing the main characters were at the airport to receive the award from Minister Gunawardene.

The Minister addressing the gathering said this award ceremony was a unique occasion in the history of Sri Lankan cinema as two actors in Sri Lanka won an international award by writing the screenplay for their first film, acting in the main roles, and directing it. He also emphasized that our country won the award for the best actor while other countries such as Russia, Egypt, and Iran with established cinema industries won other awards at the festival and it is significant.

Addressing the gathering two Directors of the film Kumara Thirimadura and Sarath Kothalawala appreciated the contribution made by co-producers Dr.Bandula Gunawardena,Ravindra Guruge and H.D. Premasiri to make this project a success.Veteran actor Kumara Thirimadura expressed gratitude for the work done by Minister Gunawardene in directing the other two producers to turn his screenplay into an award-winning film.

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