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Treinetic’s Meetup 2022 For A Better Work Continuity

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Treinetic, one of the country’s leading software product engineering companies, recently held an “Employee Meet Up” program. After going through a work from home period due to Pandemic restrictions, the company wanted their employees to get in shape again. Treinetic is a Sri Lankan-rooted company that has spread its roots in software development.

The company has been serving local and international clients through its vast range of products. Not only specific services such as software development, but the latest innovative solutions such as SAAS Application development, Mobile Application development, UI / UX development, the implementation of cloud strategies, MVPs for startups, Blockchain solutions, and there are many services the company has engaged.

A potentially sounding team is in the commanding seat for Treinetic as well. Mr. Imal Hasaranga is the company’s founder and has been driving the company in right directions for 08 years. Graduating from the University of Moratuwa, Imal has got both the potential and the skill for taking the company into a better position than in it was in 2014 as a startup. Mr. Gihan Wijesinghe is the company’s director and has been with the company since its beginning.

“We wanted our employees to remind them that they are a big part of a large family even if they used to work from home. Soon after the pandemic restrictions lifted, it was crucial to get into work again. Treinetic has always been a company that cares for its employees. That is why we have also included the employees in our company vision statement. The particular event is entirely for its employees, and we are sure that employees felt it that day. They will get back to work again just like they were doing great before the pandemic” Imal stated about the event.
Following the standardized procedures of larger companies, Treinetic wanted to call their employees back in to work again after a meet up program. The management had taken extreme measures to entertain the staff on a particular day without boundaries or chain of command. There were prizes, special competitions, teamwork, discussions, and motivational stuff to make the employees feel they were the best in the company.

Imal, CEO of the company, had been a part of every activity, and he spent time with the team all day. The introductions about the company for the startup employees, motivation for the employees, working exceptionally well, and explanations about the nature of the job, happy advice, and pleasing moment at the end of the day were the highlights of the day.

“The paper qualification is a part of the recruitment procedure and you everyone have gone through that process successfully to go through in your careers. Passion is an inevitable factor we can’t avoid. Even if you are the most qualified employee for the company, you need to possess it. That is how the perfect employees have been produced in the world. We insist that Treinetic has everything to create such employees. What it requires is your dedication to create a such passion” said Mr. Gihan Wijesinghe, the company’s director to the employees, in his inspirational speech

Employees also had enjoyed their moments and shared their thoughts with the management that day. After a work from home schedule, the path taken by the management was appreciated by the employees.

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