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UK, France, Switzerland & Norway relax travel restrictions to Sri Lanka

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Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando has commended the Governments of France, Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom for relaxing travel restrictions to Sri Lanka.

Several countries had advised against travel to Sri Lanka due to the recent anti-government protests and unrest from May 2022.

However, most countries have revised their travel advisories that were issued against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka.

“Happy to announce France, Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom relaxing travel restrictions for their citizens to travel to Sri Lanka,” Minister Harin Fernando said via Twitter.

He further said that this was a positive step and that he believes that the winter tourism season will perform well.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom (UK) revising its travel advisory today said, the UK no longer advises against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka.

The UK Government said, “Sri Lanka is experiencing a severe economic crisis which has led to shortages of basic necessities including medicines, cooking gas, fuel, and food. The major shortage of fuel (diesel and petrol) is affecting transport, businesses, and emergency services. Hospitals and other medical services such as ambulances may be affected by shortages. There are daily power cuts due to electricity rationing. It is more important than ever to get appropriate travel insurance and check it provides sufficient cover.”

“The State of Emergency, currently in place, is due to expire on 27 August 2022. Protests about the economic situation, have led to violence against peaceful protesters in recent months, resulting in injuries and loss of life. Tear gas and water cannons have been used to disperse protesters. Protests, demonstrations, roadblocks, and violent unrest could occur at short notice. Curfews and emergency regulations may also be imposed,” the statement further said.

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